Platypus For Sale In Florida Where Can I Find A Platypus For Sale?

Where can I find a platypus for sale? - platypus for sale in florida

I have done much research on this particular animal, and I think that the responsibility of the owner can have one. Please help me!


Phishy said...

... You can not a platypus. If life does not control or building a pond in your garden and a place, of course, you can not have one. (even if you do everything you could not!) Sorry, I know they are cool!

Rayven ~ Life's a B said...

Nowhere. What proportion of endangered species do not you understand? What about people who try to own wild animals in recent days. In no way shape or form able to have a real live breathing platypus as a pet.

Obviously you do not know enough, because they eat more fish too. Gods go for normal for a pet because they have not received a platypus.

Sarah said...

No, he can. Strict laws of Australia marsupials. Half of them are threatened with extinction if they go unnoticed. . If you have something with a bill to get a duck.

Platypus said...

Ummmmm = / I was gonna die. Which almost always in captivity. If zoos do not stay alive, I doubt it = P

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